Exhibits Profile

Babies’ and Kids’ Items
babiesItemBaby buggies, Car seats, Dummies, Baby bottles, Rattles, Furniture, Tableware, Rucksacks, Stationery, Bath toys, Baby care items, Safety items, Baby clothes, Kids wear, Underwear, Bibs, Dresses, Shoes, Buntings, Socks, Tights, Hats, Pajamas, Beds, Lights, Chairs, Shelves, Carpets, Beddings


Stuffed toys, Building blocks, Picture books, Coloring books, Puzzles, Games,
Doll houses, Instruments, Educational toys

maternityMaternity Goods
Diaper bags, Slings, Maternity wear, Maternity girdles, Massage creams, Health & beauty goods, Maternity cosmetics, Baby care cosmetics, Stretch marks care, Sunscreens, Healthy foods, Water Servers


Nursing’s Items
Slings, Diaper bags, Diapers, Baby bottles, Bibs, Nursing covers


Visitor Profile

• Retailers: Baby & children wear/ Children shoe stores/ Maternity wear shops
• Retailers: Children, baby and maternity products one-stop stores
• Retailers: Departmental stores/ Supermarkets/Pharmacies
• Retailers: Toy shops
• Buying offices/ Trading companies
• Media/ Associations/ Consulates
• Service companies
• Agents/ Distributors/ Wholesalers
• Manufacturers/ Brand owners
• Importers/ Exporters
• Investors