5 Essential Safety Tips to Remember When Bathing Your Baby

Bathing a newborn is little scary but, as our quick how-to video shows (seen below), the fear usually stays only in the beginning. However, simple as it may be, safety should always be a priority during bathtime. Infant injuries, near-drownings, burns from hot water, and death have been associated with infant bath tubs and bathing, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Remember these tips from the AAP and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) whenever you give your little one a bath:

1. Have everything prepared beforehand.

You always have to have one hand on your child whether you’re giving him a sponge bath or bathing him. For older babies and young kids who are able to support themselves, they should still be within an arm’s reach away from you when bathing. A lapse in supervision, like parents leaving their babies to get a towel, has caused infant deaths, according to the CPSC.

Hence, make sure you have everything you need to wash your baby before you start bathing him. This includes a tub filled with warm water, towels, a washcloth and mild cleanser (if need be). If you forget something or have to leave, take your baby with you.

2. Choose the tub carefully.
There are many types of baby bath tubs available — slanted bath tubs, bucket-style tubs where babies sit upright, inflatable, and folding. Always check for sturdiness when choosing a baby bath tub. If it has parts, check that all are attached securely. “When buying a hard plastic tub, look for a smooth shape and edges. Avoid tubs with places where your baby could be pinched,” says the AAP.


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